12 Sex Resolutions To Ring In 2013 With a “BANG”

After being single for about six months, I finally came alive again, and by alive, I mean … alive down there. After my breakup, I thought I’d never want to have sex again. My libido, along with my record collection and art books, got lost in the shuffle. Months went by where I saw single pals on the prowl and just was not interested. I worked on my strength, on my joy factor – but it was my co-author and hot-blooded pal who brought me back to the living, insisting that I practice the resolutions I share with you below. And when the libido did come back – it came back in spades. The more I loved myself again, the more I wanted to spread the joy.

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I decided that I wanted to be all the things that I loved about HIM...a strong, independent, fierce, bilingual globe trotter–Mary Shafrath