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“…A new bawdy breakup bible offers sassy and sexy advice…”
—THE NY DAILY NEWS NY Daily News Dec. 2012 view »

“How to Finally Get Over Him” –COSMO

“…(DUMPED is)…a quippy, sharp, and occasionally crass guide to getting over what’s-his-name.”
—THE BOSTON GLOBE The Boston Globe Nov. 2012 view »

“…A comedic pick-me-up…”
—NEW YORK POST New York Post Sept. 2012 view »

“…..DUMPED…will make you laugh even if laughing is the last thing you feel like doing.” “…No b.s. advice for getting over an ex…”
—SELF MAGAZINE Self Magazine Sept. 2012 view »

“….DUMPED’s Do’s and Don’ts in Sex and Love”
—GLAMOUR MAGAZINE Glamour November 2012 view »
Glamour November 2012 view »
Glamour November 2012 view »

“…Bawdy and comical…” “…Fahey and Rosenthal
are great company…” “…The bearers of genuine wisdom…” “…This book will provide some
much-needed smiles for readers….”
—PUBLISHERS WEEKLY Publishers Weekly Sept. 2012 view »

“…A joyous raucous pick-me-up…”
—CHICAGO TRIBUNE Chicago Tribune Sept. 2012 

“…Two sassy authors…”
“…Empowering messages…” “…Tons of laughs…”
—PREVENTION MAGAZINE Prevention Magazine Sept. 2012 view »

“…(DUMPED is) an intentionally quick and easy read at 144 pages.”
—FLORIDA TIMES-UNION Florida Times Union November 2012 view »

“…Wisecracking twosome…” “…(DUMPED is) a sassy, fun and emotionally honest prescription for healing a broken heart.”
—CHATELAINE Chatelaine Sept. 2012 

The Moe and Mary Show The Moe and Mary Show »

“…Their genius book, Dumped…” “This book
is the best friend you will call up when he
breaks your heart.”
—MISS MEGS Miss Megs Sept. 2012 view »

“…Stop whatever you’re doing, buy the book…” “Laugh out loud funny.” “ …Fiercely fabulous ladies with a whole lot of sass.”
—JESSICA DOWNEY Writer. Blogger. Online Columnist
Jessica Downey Sept. 2012 view »

“Dumped is filled with amazing advice from
amazing women…”
—BOOKENDBABES.COM Sept. 2012 view »

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