Our Favorite Dumped Divas of All Time

Even famous icons get dumped…but look at

how they all POWERED UP after their breakups (with the exception of our Anne Boleyn – but who coulda predicted that one!?) Let them be an inspiration, ladies!

Anne Boleyn
Dumped by King Henry VIII
Talk about getting the ax. There is nothing a vibrator or a luxurious bath could have done to save her ass… or neck.

Maria Callas
Dumped by Onassis
Onassis dumped her flat on her ass for Jackie Kennedy. Comes back to her when Jackie dumps him. Maria used her time away from him wisely. She assessed the situation and realized… HE’S AN UGLY TOAD.

Katharine Graham
Dumped by Phil Graham
Her gazzilonaire daddy hands over the Washington Post to her depressed, nervous, philandering hubby instead of her. What up with that?? The husband kills himself in ‘63, she takes over and kicks ass with no experience whatsoever. She led her family’s newspaper for more than two decades overseeing its most famous period, Watergate, which led to the resignation of Nixon. This former housewife went on to write a Pulitzer Prize winning memoir in 1998 and is a great example of reinventing yourself!

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Illustration by Alexandra Rosa

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